Image and file size

The images in our archive are available in DIN A3 format at 300 dpi (8 bit, TIF-formatn, approx 55MB. The images you can download directly from the Database are in JPEG-format in A4 size. The file size is about 4 MB (compression level 11).

Image editing

To provide our clients the most flexibility we leave the majority of our images unsharpened. Where necessary we do 'clean up' images by removing artifacts like scratches and dust.

Colour management

The aim of colour management is to make sure that the digital image, regardless of how or where it is displayed, looks like the original.

Colour space

To ensure optimum quality, all images in our archive contain the colour space profile ECI-RGB.icc. This colour space contains all colours which are relevant for CMYK printing. For further information please have a look on the website of the European Colour Initiative Whilst opening the image files in an image editing program the embedded colour space profile should always be used and not rejected.

File information

The information on files is in English, but the information in the online database is avaliable in both English and German.
The information of the file contains the name of the author, a description of the image content as well as information concerning place and date.


Our texts are normally only composed in one language, but the captioning is bilingual. The texts are saved in PDF-format.
Information about the texts contains the name of the author and the agency, text length in characters und lines, information concerning place and date, as well as a short summary of the text.


In the event of any problems with our service, please contact us immediately. We will certainly replace any defect files. If you have any questions concerning quality, colours, space etc. please do not hesitate to contact us: phone: +49 (0)40 - 39 10 92 92