General terms and conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply to all executed orders, services, deliveries and completed contracts of Fond Archiv (mentioned in the following summary services). The general terms and conditions apply to all the image material made avaliable to the client.

I Terms of use for the Fond-Archiv, a service of Outdoor-Archiv

Access to the Fond Archiv must comply with the following special conditions, as well as number II and III from the general terms and conditions.
  1. When using the Fond Archiv customers must follow further rights of use.
    1. The rights of use is valid for one year, aside from catalogue use.
    2. Purchased rights of use are not exclusive.
    3. The rights of use is valid for an unlimited number of publications, regardless of type or edition.
    4. Furthermore, the rights of use is only valid for use in publications of the firm (final customer). The passing on of image data to third partes is prohibited.
  2. We charge a fee corresponding to the information provided by the client. This is based on the field of usage (editorial or advertising) and the quantity of usage licenses purchased.

II Terms of use for the online-database of Outdoor-Archiv

  1. Access to the online-database is open to customers after release through our customer service. Outdoor-Archiv is not under obligation to give permanent release to its customers.
  2. The database is accessible only with a valid username and password. Those have to be treated with the strictest confidence from both parties, Outdoor-Archive and customer. In the event of data misuse by the customer, the customer is liable for any damages caused.
  3. Customers are able to use the online-database of Outdoor-Archiv in order to do research into the stock material and download data in form of low-resolution data as well as high-resolution data.
  4. Customers do not have a legitimate claim to have permanent access to the online-server. It is up to Outdoor-Archiv whether to switch off the online-server temporarily as well as to exchange, delete or supplement the data.
  5. Research in the archives and download of data are free of charge.
  6. Outdoor-Archiv charges a fee for the use of images and texts according to the given specifications required by the customer. These charges are made clear before the information is made avaliable for download.
  7. In general it is possible to make all-inclusive agreements for particular publications. Such agreements have to be put down in writing.
  8. Only written confirmation allows customers to save the transferred data for a longer period than the duration of the current production.
  9. Comissioned works like scans etc. are quoted seperately.
  10. Registration
    • The registration is free of charge.
    • Misrepresentation is a breach to this terms of business.
    • In case of a modification to the registration-data the customer is obliged to inform Outdoor-Archiv.
  11. Data protection
    • Outdoor-Archiv has authorization to use the registration data as far as required for the cooperation between the two parties.
    • With his registration the customer agrees that Outdoor-Archiv is authorized to save and use these data electronically for e.g. the correspondence in connection with the database. Outdoor-Archiv is obliged to treat these data confidential and not to hand them out to third parties.
    • For any further use beyond that Outdoor-Archiv needs the customer's consent. The customer has the right to revoke his consent at any time.


Supply and business conditions for the supply of picture material for the granting of utilisation rights (Through the announcement by the Federal Mergers and Monopolies Commission, published in the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette) No. 194 on 17 October 1997, page 12964)