The Fond-Archiv (background image archive) offers images for composition use in catalogues and advertising, for example image cut-outs and features which require enough room for text.
Photographers are therefore required to think.
You must consider image composition, for example which of your images would go together with products and how they could be used.

Please note our conditions & guidelines requirements:
We are only looking for professional adventurers, authors and photographers and not hobby photographers.
In order the get an idea of your work we would firstly like to receive the material digitally, images only as layout data. Please do not send us any original slides! CDs and DVDs cannot be sent back, but will be destroyed.
For any further collaboration we require your images (digital only) in the following formats.

  1. The images have to be supplied in colour space ECI-RGB/Adobe-RGB,8 bit Tiff, 300 dpi at an image file size about 55 MB.
  2. Dark, very light and problematic scenes need to be sent in the 16 bit Modus.
  3. All photos should preferably be avaliable for promotional use and accordingly model and/or property-released.
  4. Fond-Archiv cannot assume liability for loss during transport. We therefore recommend you take out postal insurance.

For members only

Welcome to our page for photographers & authors. The following pages are only determined for photographers & authors of Fond-Archiv.